Prior Treatment Solutions

NSRT represents a rather significant shift in how we look at, and understand health and wellness while utilizing technologysyringe based on hard fact and researched science.

In the past, the traditional approach to dealing with conditions like allergies has been medication designed to stop a reaction, prevent it from taking place or avoidance of the substance altogether.

The BioVeda approach is based on positive conditioning or what is referred to as neurological relaxation training.

While NSRT cannot diagnose or treat an allergy, patients and doctors report that a diverse set of symptoms clear up after treatment. Why is that?

An allergy is defined as the body's inappropriate reaction to an otherwise harmless substance. This is why most people can drink milk, eat peanuts and spend time outdoors even during the peak of spring bloom. Some people have weaker immune systems than others which creates a genetic predisposition to conditions such as allergies and asthma but the substances that cause the chronic symptoms in some people are individually harmless in the vast majority of the population. The reasoning is the nervous system mistakenly believes that a specific and otherwise harmless substance is toxic or poisonous and triggers histamines to fight and expel the substance from the body. If you research allergies, you'll find a number of different explanations for how somebody develops an allergy, but everyone is in agreement that it's a combination of genetic predisposition, a weakened immune system and in many allergy sufferers simply learned inappropriate causal association in the brain. Almost everyone can identify a food such as shell fish, a medication or environmental substance that never caused any discomfort and later in life triggered an allergic reaction.

In many cases, the negative association with a substance is caused by a trauma the body experiences. The brain assumes the substance caused the trauma and the next time the substance is in proximity to the individual, the brain assumes the trauma is soon to follow. It is a simple causal association, much like Pavlovian conditioning. In an effort to save you from going through the trauma, the brain tries to expel the substance triggering an allergic reaction.

Even though we know the problem is simply a learned response or association, the traditional treatment approach is medication designed to stop the production of histamine. The BioVeda approach is different, we believe in a school of thought that reason: if a reaction can be learned, it can therefore be unlearned. Through Pavlovian conditioning or positive conditioning, we can teach the body to respond in a neutral manner.

In addition to a seismic shift in philosophy, NSRT offers patients a litany of significant improvements over other common therapies.

  • Our approach is painless
  • Our approach is objective
  • Our approach provides the highest degree of diagnostic and therapeutic specificity…allowing for the assessment of up to 100,000 substances

A unique aspect of our devices is that they are capable of assessing substance specific stress related to common substances such as "cat fur" but are further able to assess stress induced by the molecular components of the substance.

Prescription 20DrugsAn example would be the molecular components of foods. Geneticists, in an attempt to make our foods more appealing, are continually modifying the phenolics or the molecular components of foods that give them their color, aroma, taste and texture. This is widely believed to be the reason why incidents of sensitivities and intolerances are sky rocketing.

The good news is that our devices have phenolics in the library. There is no other system that allows patient assessment with such a high degree of specificity. With nearly 100,000 substances in the software library, it's safe to say that if a substance exists that can affect wellness, we can assess how it impacts your normal body function.

  • The Traditional Approach is to Take Medication to Stop or Prevent a Reaction From Occurring or Avoidance of the Substance
  • Traditional Tests assessing the impact substances have on wellness are in many instances subjective and/or very uncomfortable for the patient using needles and resulting in welts with therapeutic protocols that are equally painful and invasive
  • Other Alternative methods are subjective in addition to being highly time consuming and labor intensive for the patient – These other methods could take years to assess and provide therapy for what BioVeda Technologies devices can test for in less than 10 minutes
  • Other Assessment methods are limited, by the number of substances or allergens that can be physically stored and thereafter tested with specificity, they can only identify and treat the "Headline" allergy – We assess at the molecular level or the components of the substance.
  • The devices developed by BioVeda Technologies can not only assess the largest number of substances faster than any other method but they provide therapy that is equally fast, painless and safe