Decompression Works! Read a few of our success stories!

The staff at Nannis Chiropractic are kind, caring and professional and will work with you in whatever way possible to get you back on the road to feeling great. Might sound unbelievable but they have changed my life! I had been experiencing tremendous back pain on and off for 10 years due to bulging discs, pinched nerves, and all the horrible pain that goes with it. I had been living on steady diet of pain killers and muscle relaxers and started to feel really unhealthy because of the medications and the prolonged lack of exercise. I had visited several chiropractors over the years but none were able to offer any relief. I had given up hope of healing my back until I read about non surgical spinal decompression treatments. I found Nannis Chiropractic as one of the few Dr's in my area to offer it and immediately called and made an appointment. I soon discovered, however, that my insurance did not cover that particular treatment and so I would be financially responsible for that portion. Dr Nannis was willing to work with me (and my very limited finances) and put together a treatment plan that was both affordable and effective. After 3 treatments I was able to walk normally again and within 5 treatments I was able to bend over without pain! After 10 treatments I was back to hiking and playing tennis! I am 52 years old and haven't felt this great in years!! The spinal decompression treatment is truly a modern medical miracle!! I strongly recommend that if you are suffering from bulging or herniated discs to do whatever it takes to get spinal decompression treatments. They are worth every penny! I am so happy that I found Dr Nannis and his wonderful staff. I will highly recommend him to everyone! Here's to your health ~ Cheers! Andrea Ray Plano

I deal with Cerebral Palsy which affects my ability to walk. Earlier this year, I suffered a serious fall which brought on a bulging disc condition in the lower side of my back. This caused me to loose all ability to walk without assistant and also created intense chronic pain in my lower back and on the inside and outside of my left leg. After decompression treatment, the pain on the left side is almost non-existent and my mobility has been improved quite a bit. I am grateful for how the decompression treatment has restored a quality of life that I have used too. I am also grateful for the quality of care Dr. Nannis and his staff [gave me] in the process.

Janine Jacques

Dr. Ray Nannis is a lifesaver. Last year I could not walk [without] severe pain. I'm sure I was not the most responsive patient, but I have finally been able to walk pain free with the help of Spinal Decompression [and] Dr. Ray Nannis. I even walked in the Susan G. Komen 5k for the [first] time ever. Thank you, thank you, [and] thank you!

Linda Novak

I lived with back pain for years, took all kinds of treatments and medications and nothing helped, one day my husband read an article about Dr. Nannis and Spinal Aid. I called him, made an appointment; he told me he could help me so I started decompression treatments and the follow up treatments. Today I am able to function again and do the things I used to be able to do before the back pain started and I thought I was headed for a life in a wheel-chair. I am internally grateful

Mary Webber

Garland, TX

Spinal Aid decompression has given me back my smile! I am free of pain treatments, medication, and from feeling like I could not do any more than move from my bed, to my job and then back to my bed. Since my decompression treatment I have been able to return to activities without pain and without restriction. I appreciate that the team [at] Nannis chiropractic has placed focus on my overall wellness throughout my decompression treatments.

Michael McCully

I experienced the spinal decompression series with Dr. Nannis and have experienced complete relief from hip/back pain that had been very bothersome for several years. Since that time, I have had no pain while walking or riding in a car on two long car trips. I walked for three days on a tour of NASA in a car trip to Florida, as well as on a car trip over 2000 miles to California, the Grand Canyon, and stops in between, suffering no back pain at all. I highly recommend Dr. Nannis and his staff and their treatments for spinal decompression that seems appropriate. While going through this serious I met patients who had experienced overwhelmingly positive results from these treatments.

Norma Triggs

Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist