Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is decompression?

Answer: Decompression is a non-surgical, drug free spinal therapy program for the back and neck, with focus on chronic and severe cases. The program consists of FDA cleared non-surgical spinal decompression therapy focused on decompressing the discs to reverse high amounts of pressure built up in the discs to take stress off of the nerves.

Question: What kind of conditions does the decompression treat?

Answer: Disc problems of many varieties as bulging discs, herniated discs or ruptured and protruding discs of the lumbar spine (low back), cervical (neck), degenerated discs, joint facet syndrome, sciatica, mild spondylolisthesis, and stenosis.

Question: What are my chances for success?

Answer: Very high, Dr. Nannis only accepts patients he truly feels he can help. After an initial consultation Dr. Nannis will explain to you whether decompression can help your particular situation. If decompression is not going to help you he will advise you on what will.

Question: What is the cost for the decompression therapy?

Answer: The Initial Consultation is at Dr. Nannis' expense, if Dr. Nannis feels that any additional exams and/or x-rays are needed, the cost would be discussed with you at that time, before any charges are incurred.

Question: Does insurance cover the cost?

Answer: We bill all insurance companies, how your insurance participates with your care depends on your policy.

Question: If I don't have insurance, are payment plans available?

Answer: Yes, we can provide several flexible payment plans to accommodate most peoples needs. We want to help as many people as possible.

Question: How long does the treatment take?

Answer: Each appointment will run an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. You will spend about 25 minutes actually on the decompression table. The rest of the hour will include a variety of other procedures to insure your success.

Question: How often do I need treatment?

Answer: In many cases, treatment will be done 3 to 5 times a week. But Dr. Nannis will discuss the customization of your particular plan in the initial consultation.

Question: Does the treatment offer a permanent relief?

Answer: Decompression is designed to bring you long lasting relief so you do not have to return. In some severe cases, we may recommend periodic follow up maintenance.

Question: Can I continue to work while I'm under therapy?

Answer: Most patients are able to maintain a work schedule. If you undergo physically stressful activities, we may prescribe a brace or limit your work activities in the beginning of your treatment.

Question: I have had surgery on my low back, can I still be treated?

Answer: Yes, in most cases Dr. Nannis can still help patients who have previously undergone surgery, this will also be discussed in the initial consultation.