Causes of Back and Neck Pain

With 8 out of 10 people in America suffering from back or neck pain; very few people are not affected by the pain it can cause to themselves or people they love.

Back and Neck Pain can be caused by any of the below factors:

Overexertion and Strenuous Movement - More than 80% of low back and neck pain is caused by over exertion.

Injury And Accidents - This is the number one cause of overall back and neck pain

Age and GenderAfter the age of 60 risk increases for low back pain. Women often suffer back pain more frequently due to the fact that they are more prone to Osteoporosis.

Health Status And Dietary Factors - Conditions such as cardiac, respiratory or obesity put people at a higher risk for back pain. These conditions are all caused by poor health and dietary habits. Non-smokers have a lower risk of back pain than smokers.

Canal Size and Shape Of -Spine - Being born with a large opening for the spinal nerve and root leaves more room before nerves become pinched or stressed.

Stress - Back and neck pain can be directly related high levels of stress which weakens the immune system. Stress also causes lost of appetite and irregular sleep patterns which affects your overall health and causes increased back and neck pain.