The Office

jsw img 2103Optimum Wellness Solutions a unique healing experience that blends state of the art natural health techniques and diagnostics with traditional philosophy. Our belief is the body is fully capable of obtaining and maintaining optimal health. Patients find the scientifically proven treatments coupled with the skillful art of Dr. Ray Nannis easily and painlessly alleviate the cause of their health problems without the use of invasive drugs or surgery. Our mission is to get the sick well and keep the well from getting sick; allowing each individual to express his or her potential in life.

The highly professional and loving staff serves the needs of children, adults, and seniors. The relaxed family environment promotes optimum healing; which combined with highly efficient procedures maximizes the result of care while minimizing the amount of time required for each visit. Our goal is to treat you like one of our family members and make your adventure to optimal health successful and enjoyable. We understand that your health is your most valuable asset.

We know that new experiences can be frightening which is why we emphasize explaining each step of your care so that is easily understandable which gives you the power to make educated decisions and take control of your health care.

Optimum Wellness Solutions offers corrective care or relief care and provides you the information necessary to make an informed decision. In most cases patients experience exceptionally quick relief from annoying health conditions. Many choose to correct the cause of the problems and most choose to make chiropractic a part of their lifestyle due to the many benefits they receive. Although results do vary the vast majority of our patients experience relief of symptoms, enhanced focus, more energy, stronger immune systems, less chronic disease, greater ability to deal with life's stress, and an enhanced sense of well being. Our doctors' approach is synergistic with other health programs such as meditation, massage, nutrition and exercise.

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Whether you have recently been involved in a sport, automobile, falling, or lifting accident, or simply have a chronic condition that prevents you from enjoying your life, Optimum Wellness Solutions has the ability to find and correct the cause of your condition. As your health improves you gain the freedom you deserve to become and remain active.

Dr. Nannis' gentle approach has helped infants as young a one day old recover from the trauma of birth. A significant portion of the practice includes children because of all the injuries that occur as they grow.

Seniors receive some of the greatest benefits of care as they regain their independence and freedom. The natural approach allows them to reduce and/or avoid medications that lead to cloudy thinking. Our seniors get the most out of their golden years.

We thank you for the referral of your friends and family, and for trusting the health of your loved ones to us. We look forward to serving you.

Insurance Accepted and Payment Plans

We gladly accept most health insurance. Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics need not worry. We have highly affordable rates and flexible payment plans allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family. We also provide discounts to seniors, disabled individuals, low income individuals, military personnel, students, and families.