Why Us?

Mission Statement

The fundamental problem we solve:

People in our community are being robbed of the quality of life because of a misconception of health and wellness. Even though there is not a person whom is deficient in chemicals, people use medication to solve lifestyle and energetic problems. These drugs create dependency and compound problems that deteriorate their lives on all levels.


Our Mission is to provide honest, high quality, personally focused, family centered care that inspires our community to lead a lifestyle of optimum wellness. We remove interference, educate minds , and provide resources that support a holistic approach to healing.


We provide Optimum Wellness Solutions, unlocking the body's full potential, making disease unnecessary.

Optimum Wellness Solutions:

A unique health care choice!

We are interested in knowing what is wrong and why you are feeling the way you do.

  • We schedule you for a Lifestyle Review at Dr. Nannis' expense. The Lifestyle Review includes a symptom review, medical history, trauma history, pain diagram, exercise, and nutritional history.

  • If Dr. Nannis feels he can help you, he offers a unique test: Subluxation Station Bio Analysis. X-rays as well as other tests may be required.

  • In all cases, you will be informed about the costs of care and treatment options will be fully explained.

There are four major problems everyone encounters when they are seeking help

from a doctor:

  • They have pain or some condition and do not know what is causing it, or which "kind" of doctor to see.

  • They see a doctor that gets rid of part – or all of their pain, but the relief is of short duration.

  • They find the treatment is worse than the problem:

    • The treatment is more painful than the problem

    • The health care "professional" prescribes them "Bad tasting" medication or raw-herbal tea.

  • The doctor treats them like an object, not a person they care about.

Why Us: Because we can help!

When you are here, you will not have those problems.

We protect you from those problems through our unique technology that we call:
"Subluxation Station Bio Analysis."

Through this technology we are able to:

Electronically pinpoint in your body all the areas that are a direct cause of your health condition. (Like the computer does for a car) The computer then sends these signals to a sophisticated software program that digitally maps out the causes of the symptoms leaving absolutely no guess-work… period.

When the cause of symptoms is known, a care plan is created to correct the cause of the symptoms, resulting in long term relief.

Because our doctors utilize over twenty-three different chiropractic techniques, the treatment is not painful and matches the patient's needs.

The philosophy of Optimum Wellness Solutions is to treat each patient as an individual and afford them the same consideration and care as a family member.