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May 2016

Spring Butter:




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November 2015


Energy Drinks
Something Different

Why the drug rep didn't vaccinate her child


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3. h



January 2015

Flu Shots don't work

Flu shots are deadly


Gluten intolerant

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October 2014



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January/February 2014

Vaccines never eliminated any disease


1. Butterflies have taste buds on what part of their bodies?
Their Feet

2. Using five of the letters in the word Europe, spell out the
name of a unit of currency used in a certain Asian country.
Rupee in India

3. What was the only part of the current United States
invaded by the Japanese during WWII?
Alaska (Hawaii was not a state yet)

4. This river with a short name is the longest river in Italy, flowing 640 km (400 miles) from Torino towards Venice. What is this river?
PO river

5. How many neck bones does a giraffe have.
The same number as all mammals including Humans 7.

November/December 2013
Mental Health

Find a dentist

International Academy of Biological Dentistry

Holistic Dental Association

Fluoride Action Network

Moms Against Mercury


Vitamin K

1. What was B.J.'s full name in the TV show "B.J. and the Bear"?
Billie Joe McKay
2. According to legend, what laws were so named because of the color of the paper used when the ordinance was written?
Blue Laws
3. In medical terminology the �voice box� is known as what?
4. What are match heads made of?
5. What does chiropractic actually mean?

Done by hand .

September/October 2013

1. How many inkblots are on the standard Roshach Test?


2. How many miles of arteries, Capillaries , and veins are there in the adult human body?


3. What is the average lifespan fo a human being's taste buds?

7-10 days

4. In the original Hippocratic oath, by whom did the individual doctor swear to uphold the standards of professional behavior?


5. How many ribs does an man have?


6. What vaccine cause more death and illness than the disease it was intended to prevent?

1976 Swine Flu

June 2013


The Science Delusion


Funny DEBT Limit Guide

May 2013


Vaccine truth


1. What is the strongest muscle in the body?

The Masseter (it is in the jaw) many people argue the tongue

2. What was Elvis's pet monkey's name?


3. What is the tallest mountain on earth?

Hawii, Maua Kea 31,800 from the floor of the ocean

4. On average what is the biggest expense for Americans?

Taxes (more then food, clothing, and shelter combined)

5. What was a the best selling car ever?

VW Beetle (over 22 million have been sold since 1937)

1. Groopman J.A A knife in the back :is surgery the best approach to chronic back pain? The New Yorker, April 8, 2002
2. Ryan I & Rollette D. Improvement of chronic sinusitis, constipation and pharyngitis in a child following chiropractic. care: a case report, Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health -- Chiropractic, 2013:1:"18-23
3. Fan R &Mullin L. Chronic post partum osteitis pubis managed with chiropractic. Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & family Health -- Chiropractic.; 2013:1:15-17.

April 2013


1. What is the dot over the "i" called?

2. What was the first use of ketchup originally sold in the 1830s?
3. What was the firs CD pressed in the US
Bruce Springstein's "Born in the USA"
4.Who is the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo?
Casey Kasem
5. What directions do bats always turn when exiting a cave?
Drugs with aspartame

State Laws about vaccination exemptions


March 2013

MS ALS Parkinson

TSA Theft


Mercury in flu shot causes autism

1. According to the children song "Six Little Ducks" what did the one duck who ruled the others have on his back?


2. Which doctor is referred to as "The Nazi" int he TV show Grey Anatomy?

Miranda Bailey

3. What are Bandit and Snowman transporting to the Republican Nation Convention in the movie Smokey and the Bandit II?

An Elephant

4. What song did Sir Elton John sing at the funeral of Princess Diana?

Candle in the Wind

5. What is pupaphobia?

Fear of puppets

February 2013

Click Here for Dr Andrew Wakefied MD article

1 What is unique about the 4th of May 2006 specifically two minutes and three seconds after one o'clock int he morning?

IT is the only time for 100 years that the date and time 01: 02:03 04.05.06.

2. What connects the following words: sitcom, smog, brunch, muppets, and cyborg?

They are all "portmanteau" words- combinations of two different words. "situation comedy", "smoke fog", "breakfast lunch" marionette puppet", cybernetic organism"

3. What is the only upper case letter of the English alphabet (in plain sans serif font)that requires the pen to be lifted twice(providing no lines are retraced)?


4. Who was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park?

Thomas Edison

5. What percentage of DNA do humans share with bananas?


January 2013 Trivia

1. What is the shortest complete sentence in the English Language?


2. What does 111,111,111*111,111,111= 12345678987654321

3. Name the two families who father and son wer both US Presidents.

Bush and Adam

4. What animal has the largest eye?

Giant Squid

5. How many bone are the in the human spine?

24 vertebrae (1 occiput, 1 sacrum and 1 coccix)

December Trivia

  1. What nationality was Chopin?
    1. Polish
  2. Who lived at 221B Baker Street, London?
    1. Sherlock Holmes
  3. Who Painted the Mona Lisa?
    1. DaVinci
  4. What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan?
    1. Alarm Clock
  5. What is the smallest country in the world?
    1. Vatican City
  6. Where would you find the philtrum?
    1. Under your nose and above the mouth. The lip of skin.
November Trivia
1. What are most dust particles in your hours made of?
Human Skin
2. Why do boy's voices crack and break during puberty?
Because the vocal cords are lengthening, up until that point boys and girls vocal cords are the same length.
3. What is the strongest bone in the body?
The thigh bone (femur). It is i hollow and ounce for ounce has a greater pressure tolerance and bearing strength than a rod of equivalent size cast steel.
4. How many hairs are on the average human head?
5. How fast is the air released when you sneeze?
up to 100 mph

October Trivia
1. Which Beverage was named for the Queen of England in the 16th century notorious for her persecution of Protestants?
2. Perhaps the fastest passenger trains i n the world can travel at a top speed of 188 MPH, and are found in France, and are known by what three word phrase?
3. It was called Malabouchia by Indians, Trio Grande Del Florida by the Spanish , and the St. Louis River by the French, How is it known today?
  • The Mississippi River
4. In the Earth's southern hemisphere, what season begins in March?

5. How many times does the average human heart beat in a day?

  • Over 100,000.00 times

August Trivia

1. What is the only word in the English Language that ends in "mt"?

2. What is JEEP an abbreviation for in the US military

  • "General Purpose" Vehicle

3. How many way can you make change for $1.00?

  • 293

4. How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

  • 366

5. Who were Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street named after?

  • Bert the cop, and Ernie the Taxi driver on "Its a Wonderful Life"

6. What did Al Capone's business cards state his profession was?

  • Used furniture dealer

7. How many thoracic (mid-back) vertebra have ribs attached to them?

  • 12 (all of them)

July Trivia
  1. What is the mythical belief about the memory of a gold fish?
    • they only remember for 3 seconds
  2. How many hearts does an octopus have?
    • 3
  3. Where do cows have their sweat glands?
    • Their nose
  4. How many pieces of wood does it take to build a violin?
    • 70
  5. How many bones are in the spine typical human?
    • 24

June Trivia

1.Travelling at 100mph how long would it take for a vehicle to reach the nearest star?

29 million Years

2. How much is spent by kids on chewing gum in North America every year?

$500,000,000.00 (half a billion dollars)

3. How much does the Earth weigh?

6,588,000,000,000,000,000 Tons

4. Which place on Earth is the brightest from space?

Las Vegas

5. Who is the founder of Chiropractic?

Daniel David Palmer