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Dr. Ray Nannis

My stepfather had been going to a chiropractor since chiropractic had saved him from surgery due to scoliosis. When I was a tween, I remember waiting in the truck, playing with the 8-track (yes it was that long ago), while he would go get adjusted and come back feeling better. I never really thought much about it.

The summer when I was 14, my mother slipped and fell in the kitchen. We had just changed the linoleum floors to tile; wet dogs and tile are a bad combination. If you have ever seen a loved one have an accident right in front of you, you know how it happens in slow motion; it looked like I could have run over there and caught her.

But that was not reality. She fell hard, and she was mostly incapacitated. She tried the typical medical approach, but nothing worked. She was flat on her back for most of the summer. She was a teacher and needed to go back to work. So my mother, at my stepdad’s insistence, begrudgingly agreed to go to his chiropractor. After a few visits, she started to improve and was able to go to work. It took a few months, but she fully recovered.

My parents’ doctor had a Friends and Family Day and they brought me into the office for a checkup. The doctor said I had some problems, and if we chose to do nothing and it would degenerate and I would crawl into his or another chiropractor’s office in a decade or so, or we could get my spine corrected now. So we started care for spinal correction. After a few weeks my daily headaches became every other day and after a few month only once or twice a month.

So I went from 356 headaches a year to 12-24. After a few more months my mother asked if I needed any more allergy medication. I told her I had stopped taking it. She asked how was I breathing. The only change was chiropractic. So I asked my chiropractor if he had helped my headaches and allergies. He shared with me three facts that changed my life:

  1. The body is designed to be healthy
  2. The natural healing ability of the body can be interfered with physically, chemically, and mentally
  3. If we remove the interference, the body will return to health

I fell in love with these ideas and at 14-15 years old, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.


Office Manager

I became a member of the Optimum Wellness Solutions team in April of 2005. I had applied a few months before, and I thought Dr. Nannis had ignored my resume, but I was persistent. My passion for chiropractic is deeply rooted in the impact it has had on my daily life. Before finding chiropractic, I suffered with debilitating migraines that limited my ability to function. At that point in my life, I had a migraine almost daily and was unable to perform most daily functions independently. I was unable to drive or make social plans because I never knew when the migraine would hit. After starting chiropractic care in 2005, I started to notice that I wasn’t having as many migraines. Very quickly, I went from daily to once a week, to once a month, and finally to almost nonexistent. The impact that it had on my life was profound. I was able to drive myself places, make social engagements with friends, and finally start to enjoy some of my hobbies again (I have a lot of them)..

Shortly after joining the team, I became a Certified Chiropractic Assistant, a Licensed Non-Certified Radiologic Technician, and became CPR certified. I have an Associates of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, which I use to help reinvent foods in a healthier way. I focus on gluten-free and allergy-friendly cooking. I enjoy baking, reading, family road trips, and spending time with my husband, Sonny, our son, Tristan, and our Golden Retriever, Shiner (yes he is named after the beer).


As a child, I never believed in medicine. Actually, I refused to take any. I studied massage therapy after leaving undergrad because I’d much rather put my faith into holistic healing. In fact, not long after graduating with my trade certification, I founded a holistic bath and body product line. I just relocated to Dallas from Chicago (Southside) for a fresh start. Anything involving creativity is my thing; dancing, modeling, vlogging, crafts, fashion, etc. I was very fortunate to stumble upon OWS and the wonderful people that I now call family.

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