Stem cells have the ability to repair and restore injured tissue. With age, our bodies produce fewer and fewer stem cells, so our ability to recover from injuries or illnesses is diminished. Administering new stem cells via IV or injection supplements your current cells and works to heal your body. Please note that stem cell treatment consists of a series of injections over time. Your doctor will determine your Stem Cell therapy treatment.

Stem cells used in our office have been harvested not from bone marrow, but from umbilical cord tissue of healthy babies and mothers. Mothers generally donate these at birth. Stem Cells from umbilical cords are undifferentiated and compatible with anyone; they are the healthiest, most effective and robust stem cells you can receive.

Imagine avoiding a knee replacement with a nonsurgical option. It’s amazing what can be done with stem cell therapy. Boosting your body’s own natural, internal repair system, damaged tissue can be regenerated and repaired without surgery. The stem cells also reduce inflammation and help regulate your body’s immune system.

Joint-related issues respond very well to stem cell therapy. Knees, hips, and shoulders that are plagued with arthritis show very positive results. Muscle tears, pinched nerves, and sciatica have also been treated successfully. Patients have reported a reduced need for (or elimination of) pain medication and other associated medications and have successfully recovered without surgery. Call us to find out more about Stem Cell Therapy at (972) 671-2225.

Few patients report side effects, which include minor flu-like symptoms lasting 24-48 hours.