I have been a patient for almost 10 years. Dr Nannis and his staff have been super in providing thorough top quality care, that has helped to keep me functional, and less pain free. I also appreciate how they have gone the extra mile with me many times!


I trust and believe in the work that they do at Optimum Wellness, I know I always feel better after I go there. I first went to get help recouping from being rear ended by a driver. Dr. Nannis is the best, he manages to get my spine, shoulders and ribs back in their places so that I can function and live my life.

Angel H.

OWS is a wonderful chiropractic office. I hurt my back on a trampoline 50 years ago and have gone to chiropractors since but none has done as much to help my back heal in the last three years as Dr Nannis.He treats the whole body; physical, nutritional, & some attitude. Both my wife & I believe our quality of life would not be as good as it is without chiropractic.

Richard P.

Dr Nannis and Dr Stokes have taken my overall health and wellness to a new level. In the past 3 months I have achieved levels of energy that I have not experienced in 10 years!

John L.M.

The staff is helpful, professional, and kind. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable and help you understand your specific needs. I left feeling so much better after my first adjustment. My experience was so pleasant and I felt like I was on the right track for a pain free life for the first time. This is by far my best experience in a chiropractors office.

Sarah P.

Dr. Stokes and Dr. Nannis have helped me so much with neck, shoulder, and back problems. The both are careful while adjusting me with my hip restrictions. Staff is always helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend them both.

Denise V.R.

Dr Nannis and Dr Stokes are awesome! The office is a happy place and they make you feel better even before they treat you! Stevie the office manager is one of their biggest assets. I highly recommend Optimum Wellness Solutions!

Elizabeth M.

I am a Dental Hygienist and after doing my job for over 20 years, my neck, shoulders and wrists chronically bother me. I see Dr. Nannis and Dr. Jones regularly for preventive adjustments. Yesterday I was in so much pain after a long work week and home projects that I could barely turn my head. The amazing staff got me in right away and Dr. Nannis really worked on my areas of pain. Today I am almost pain free with full range of motion. My husband and I are so grateful for the care we receive from

Brenda A.W.

Lots of options to help you get well. Excellent and friendly staff. FREE educational classes each month. Make me feel like family when I walk in the door! Best chiropractic care I’ve ever had in my life! So glad I found them!

Alise S.

Professionals who are warm and friendly, while knowing their calling and offering excellence for their clients.

Art T.

My daughter’s (who is now 18 months old) caregiver called and said that my daughter would not move her arm and was crying out in pain. I called and spoke with Dr. Nannis and he said to bring her there first, he’d take a look and if he thought I should take her on to the hospital, he’d tell me that after looking at her. Dr Nannis was able to evaluate her and tell that she needed an adjustment. That likely one of her toddler falls made her out of wack. After the adjustment, she was already much be

Misty W.

I’ve been to several chiropractors in the past and they definitely go the extra mile. I enjoy how they take the time to educate, as well as the friendly staff! Highly recommended!

Julion C.